Navigating Uncharted Waters: Advice for First-Generation College Students

Starting down the path of higher education as a first-generation college student is an admirable feat. It opens doors to opportunities and a brighter future, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. From navigating the complex college environment to managing the academic workload, first-gen students often find themselves in uncharted waters. To ease this transition, here are five pieces of invaluable advice. 1. Seek Guidance and Build a Support Network One of the biggest challenges for first-gen students is the lack of familiarity with the college landscape. The maze of classes and assignments, coupled with an already busy life can be overwhelming. To overcome this, seek guidance from academic advisors, professors, and fellow students. Building a support network not only provides valuable insights but also creates a sense of belonging. Joining clubs, participating in mentorship programs, and attending networking events can help establish connections that will prove crucial throughout your college journey. 2. Embrace the Learning Curve Many first-gen students face a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding academic expectations and developing effective study habits. It’s okay to feel challenged initially. Embrace the learning curve and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Utilize tutoring

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Major Expansion Underway at Sackville Memorial Hospital

October 27, 2023 | Erica Butler Horizon Health is adding 88 spaces to the Sackville Memorial Hospital parking lot, but while work is happening, the number of available spaces will be reduced. In an emailed statement to CHMA, Blaine Lynch, Regional Director Facilities, Engineering and Property Management with Horizon says that the work is meant to “improve traffic circulation on-site and to expand the parking capacity for patients, visitors, and staff. The additional parking capacity will also be beneficial with the arrival of Beal University’s nursing program at the hospital.” About 18 nursing students are expected to begin studying at new Beal University classroom space at the hospital in January, according to Kerry Kennedy, regional director of talent acquisition with Horizon, speaking at a public meeting on October 12. The expanded parking lot will replace a large lawn with trees that run along the Main Street side of the hospital property. Horizon is advising that the Queen’s Road entrance to the parking lot will be the most direct access for the duration of the construction. The Main Street entrance will still be available for one-way, incoming traffic only, and drivers will have to drive around the rear of the hospital

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Beal University Canada Launches Innovative 30-Month BScN Program

Beal University Canada (BUC) is thrilled to announce the introduction of a groundbreaking 30-month Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) Program designed for prospective Canadian students in New Brunswick. BUC has obtained invaluable support and insights from industry leaders, as well as the Horizon and Vitalite Health Networks, to craft an accelerated nursing program tailored to meet the unique needs of the Atlantic region.  This innovative BScN program empowers students to achieve their Bachelor’s degree at an accelerated pace, saving a valuable year and a half on their path to a successful nursing career. Students can now embark on a journey that optimizes their time and educational experience.  The BScN program begins with 12 months of online courses providing students the flexibility to engage in 100% online learning from the comfort of their homes. This approach not only allows them to acquire knowledge without disrupting their livelihood but also adapts to their individual pace of learning.  Subsequently, the next 18 months are a combination of online courses and on campus courses with clinical site placements dedicated to the application of theory and hands-on experience. Their online studies continue but students also convene for theory and labs in Sackville, New Brunswick. Simultaneously,

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U.S. College to Offer Nursing Degree Option in New Brunswick

Those considering a career in nursing may soon have more education options in New Brunswick. Beal University, a private college in Maine, has been given conditional approval by the province to offer a bachelor of science in nursing, through a combination of online courses and clinical training completed at the Sackville Memorial Hospital. “We’re doing renovations in our partnership with Sackville Hospital,” said Holly McKnight, president of Beal University Canada. “The community has been wonderful and there will be classes and labs set up there, fully furnished with high-end simulation mannequins and all of the equipment that’s required in order to do clinical training.” Holly McKnight According to McKnight, it will be a 32-month program, with an online component, followed by clinical training and a practicum placement. The plan is to be ready to receive students for clinical training at the hospital by January 2024, she said. When asked how much it will cost to set up a section of the hospital for training and whether it will be the government or the university who will pay the costs associated with it, McKnight said, “Details on cost are being finalized.” Last fall, the government announced a $6,000 “incentive grant” to

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Five Things to Know Before Becoming a Nurse

Starting a career path as a Registered Nurse can be daunting. But, with the right mindset and knowledge, it can also be incredibly rewarding. In this blog post, here are five things everyone should know before becoming a Registered Nurse.  Before becoming a Registered Nurse, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the role you will be playing. Registered Nurses (RNs) are responsible for providing patient care and promoting health and well-being. RNs work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. They are responsible for monitoring patients’ conditions, administering medications, and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care. As an RN, you will be the patient’s advocate, ensuring that they receive the care they need and deserve.  2.  The Importance of Education and Certification  To become an RN, you must have a degree from an accredited nursing program and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). It is crucial to choose an accredited nursing program that provides high-quality education and prepares you for the NCLEX. Additionally, continuing education is essential in the nursing profession to keep up with current best practices and provide the best possible care to patients.  3. 

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Are You an RN? 10 Ways a BSN Degree Could Benefit Your Nursing Career

Continuing your education from an RN to BSN (Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) offers numerous benefits that can enhance your nursing career and provide you with a more comprehensive skill set. Here are 10 benefits of pursuing an RN to BSN program: 1. Expanded Knowledge and Skills: An RN to BSN program goes beyond the basics of nursing and delves deeper into areas such as leadership, research, community health, and evidence-based practice. This expanded knowledge equips you with a broader skill set, making you a more versatile and competent nurse. 2. Career Advancement: Many healthcare facilities prefer or require nurses to hold a BSN degree for various roles, including management, leadership, and advanced practice. By obtaining a BSN, you open the doors to higher-level positions and increased opportunities for career advancement. 3. Enhanced Clinical Judgment: BSN programs often emphasize critical thinking, evidence-based decision-making, and complex patient care scenarios. This focus on clinical judgment helps you make informed decisions and provide higher-quality patient care. 4. Improved Patient Outcomes: Research has shown that nurses with BSN degrees are associated with better patient outcomes. The advanced education and skills gained in an RN to BSN program enable you to provide

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